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Gildemeister reports great success at the recent METAV 2012 exhibition
Gildemeister reports great success at the recent METAV 2012 exhibition
Gildemeister released its figures for financial year 2011 on March 15. According to the group, it was able to increase order intake and sales revenues steadily over the year, reaching its target and considers business performance in 2011 to be positive overall, while worldwide demand for machine tools continues to be stable.

In the reporting year, Gildemeister achieved the second highest sales revenues in the company's history. They exceeded the previous year's figure by 310.9 million euros and reached 1,687.7 million euros (previous year: 1,376.8 million euros). This represents an increase of 23%. In the fourth quarter sales revenues reached 493.4 million euros (previous year: 518.4 million euros). The group's international sales revenues rose by 20% to 1,055.1 million euros; domestic sales revenues amounted to 632.6 million euros (+27%). The export share amounted to 63% (previous year: 64%).

Order intake was the highest in the company's history. It reached 1,927.3 million euros and was some 508.9 million euros or 36% above the previous year (1,418.4 million euros). In the fourth quarter order intake reached 415.0 million euros (previous year’s quarter: 404.6 million euros). In the whole year domestic orders rose overall by 42% to 764.2 million euros (previous year: 537.7 million euros). International orders grew by 32% to 1,163.1 million euros (previous year: 880.7 million euros). The proportion of international orders was 60%. As of December 31, 2011, the group order backlog was 811.2 million euros and thus 182.9 million euros or 29% above the previous year's figure (December 31, 2010: 628.3 million euros).

As for the year of 2012, Gildemeister reported to have a good start. Order intake developed in line with plans in January and February. Orders rose by 29% to 374.9 million euros (previous year: 291.6 million euros). This was due in part to several successful annual kick-off events such as NORTEC in Hamburg, METAV in Dusseldorf and so on. In the first quarter of 2012 the group is expecting order intake of more than 500 million euros (previous year's quarter: 445.9 million euros). They are planning sales revenues of more than 400 million euros (previous year's quarter: 377.4 million euros). Earnings should clearly improve in a year-on-year comparison with the previous year's quarter, the group stressed.

In financial year 2012 Gildemeister expected further growth. For the whole year they are expecting order intake of more than 2 billion euros for the first time. Due to this order intake expectation, and based on the sound order backlog, they are planning to increase sales revenues in 2012 to more than 1.9 billion euros.
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