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Lantek for sheet metalwork and steelwork
Lantek for sheet metalwork and steelwork
Lantek, a Spanish company specializing the development and distribution of integrated CAD/CAM and ERP solutions for the sheet metal and fabrication sectors, has announced the launch of 2012 versions of its CAD/CAM, management and ERP software for sheet metal and structural steelwork applications.

According to the software developer, the Lantek Expert CAD/CAM software now includes a manufacturing browser which optimizes the selection of tool options, while algorithms for automatic machining of multi-parts and the 3D simulation of punching operations improve efficiency and clarity. Automation with pre-nesting, nesting of kits of parts and the linking of a series of operation enables programming to be completed with just one mouse click. Whole sequences from importing CAD data to nesting, material selection, programming, and report generation can all be joined together into one operation. Families of parts can now be automatically machined through parametric control, resulting in improved quality and increased productivity, while combination machines with milling capability are also supported in the new version, says Lantek.

For pipes and steelwork, Lantek has improved the way in which Lantek Flex3d links with CAD. As introduced, its new customizable ribbon menus and advances in STEP, IGES, DSTV, CAM and XML interfaces make it easy to import pipe assemblies and work with 3D data. 5-axis cutting includes collision prevention and the ability to cut edges in 5-axis. Nesting is enhanced with the intelligent positioning of profile markings, the multiple nesting of profiles in bar material, and improved graphical representation of the nest.

For production monitoring and planning, Lantek Manager and Lantek Wos offer real-time control and monitoring of the manufacturing process. New features in 2012 include data input control to avoid typographical errors, configuration enhancements to make it easier to customize the software to meet individual requirements, controls for optimizing cutting, and XML for intelligent data sharing both import and export. In the workshop, messages and alerts can be displayed on shop floor screens advising operators of important changes as production progresses. Lantek adds that new advanced configuration tools make it easy to adapt the system to the individual factory, and integration tools for different types of machine give greater control of capacity planning and provide the opportunity to automate manufacturing.

Lantek introduces that its flagship ERP system Lantek Integra covers every aspect of manufacturing management from quotation to delivery and can be integrated with third party management systems. New configuration tools make it easier to tailor it to the needs of individual companies in the sheet metal and steelworking industry. Speed improvements, graphical reporting, and web integration to mobile devices make it a very powerful and flexible solution which will deliver productivity, efficiency and transparency, the Spanish company notes.
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