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SMTCL's 5-axis turn and milling center HTM40100h <i>(Image source: SMTCL website)</i>
SMTCL's 5-axis turn and milling center HTM40100h (Image source: SMTCL website)
According to local media reports, China's largest machine tool manufacturer Shenyang Machine Tool Co Ltd (SMTCL) reached RMB18 billion (approximately US$2.86 billion) in sales revenue in 2011.

SMTCL was established in 1995 after a restructuring programme. Throughout the years, it produced the first general lathe, the first horizontal CNC lathe, the first radial drilling machine, the first horizontal boring lathe and the first automatic lathe in China. It has also acquired Kunming Machine Tool Co Ltd, Yun Nan CY Group Co Ltd and Schiess GmbH. As China's largest manufacturer of machine tools and the largest development and manufacturing base of CNC machine tools in the country, SMTCL is exporting products to more than 30 countries and regions worldwide.

Since October 2010, SMTCL has begun outsourcing the production of low-end products to other companies so that it can focus on developing medium and high-end CNC products. For the time being, high-end CNC products account for 60% of the company's total output, while SMTCL targets to raise this percentage to 80% in future.

Also, SMTCL has proprietarily developed core CNC control systems for high-end CNC machine tools, which are planned for mass production this year as substitutes for imported products.

Furthermore, SMTCL has set the target of becoming world-class in terms of product grade, branding and management by 2015.
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