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Studer AG's S41 cylindrical grinding machine
Studer AG's S41 cylindrical grinding machine
According to Fritz Studer AG, its S41 cylindrical grinding machine had a successful first year after its launch in the beginning of 2011. The company reports that by the end of 2011, S41 units of the cylindrical grinding machines were built, with 33 of them in customer production operations in Europe, the USA, in China and India already. In addition to machine tools and tooling, its fields of application include the manufacture of precision components for the aviation, automotive and electrical industry as well as in job shops.

Studer says the S41 is a brand new design concept for cylindrical grinding machine, being more stable despite a greater center height and distance between centers, quicker, more precise and more efficient in the long term. Other characteristics include the optionally available center heights of 225mm or 275mm and center distance options of 1,000mm or 1,600mm, which increase the machining options significantly.

Also, thanks to the increased stability, workpieces with weights up to 250kg can be machined on the S41, and direct drives can move the longitudinal and cross slides at speeds of up to 20m per minute with an axis resolution of 10nm. The B-axis, the vertical swivel axis of the turret wheelhead, also uses a direct drive. The turret wheelhead thus swivels around three times faster than on previous machines, and positions with a positioning range of less than one angular second. This reduces auxiliary times and increases the effective grinding time and consequently productivity, particularly when the machining operation requires the engagement of various grinding wheels, according to Studer. The turret wheelhead enables over 30 configurations of external grinding wheels and internal grinding spindles. The Studer WIN control software uses the geometry data of the respective turret wheelhead together with the CAD/CAM data of the workpiece for simulation and optimization of the grinding process.

Studer adds that the S41also offers many different options for special customer requirements. For instance, it offers all prerequisites for integration into extensive system projects. Moreover it can be equipped with additional applications, such as an ascillating grinding axis on the wheelhead, which enables grinding of high-precision internal and external tapers or conical control cams. A further application is the Y-axis on the wheelhead. This vertical grinding spindle enables grinding of keyways, for example, or control edges for power-assisted steering. A motorized workhead is optionally available for live spindle grinding of high-precision, heavy workpieces.

Further options for equipping the machine for special requirements include, for example, special coolant devices, special clamping devices, dressing holders, extraction units etc. The S41 can be equipped with optimized handling systems for integration into such complex production processes, says Studer.
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